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Port 3452 for NiceHash (64)
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Giving the final touch on testnet, launch incoming...
We are new to this forum, we seem to have some limitations in the account, we are sorry for any low profile, we would be more graphical in this details...
LusoCoin (LUSO)
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What is LusoCoin?
LusoCoin is a fork of the work done by the DASH currency team, formerly known as DarkCoin, a technology that has the best interest in its consumers and investors, with performance, privacy, security and capitalization features that do not exist in such currencies as Bitcoin.

At a time when banks and money owners are targeting globalization for control, manipulation, and execution of various agendas, Nationalism is the new form of resistance.

Although this is now seen as outdated and unimportant, a symbol of ideological fanaticism or exacerbated xenophobia, it can also be the energy that promotes success, leverages growth and enables the implementation of social justice. It is the commitment that the individual assumes in order to fulfill his part in the collective process of social welfare.

The fundamental purpose of the economic organization is to provide for the basic needs of the community in terms of food, shelter, education, health, the enjoyment of culture, as opposed to the exclusivity of wealth creation and the growth of production alone.

This political-economic model is supported by various monetary and financial organizations. It is the governments that provide this legal support, granting to an elitist minority the instruments for appropriating the wealth and knowledge that society produces as a whole, generating artificial scarcity and exclusion.

This has encouraged the search for alternative ways of conceiving and managing the economy, from a local and decentralized perspective, according to the real needs of individuals and the natural environment where they are integrated. There are several examples: ECOSOL in Spain, TEM in Greece, Brixton Pound in England, Swiss WIR, etc. There are printed coins and virtual coins. All of them are valued by community acceptance.

The Lusophone countries now have the opportunity of financial independence, of experiencing decentralized economic freedom, escaping economic and political interests and maintaining their cultural identity, adopting LusoCoin.

LusoCoin is an ideological currency for peaceful purposes. It has the purpose of financing groups, associations, cooperatives, etc. without links to the current political-economic model, whose interests are not the well-being of the communities. We intend to organize competitions, reward initiatives, jobs and even donate to municipalities, villages or communities that have an interest in decentralizing their local economy and creating social prosperity.
Technical Specs
 Name: LusoCoin
  Ticker: LUSO
  Algorithm: x11
  Type: POW + Masternode
  BlockTime: 90 sec per block
  BlockReward: 30 LUSO
  Projected Total Coins until 2025: 72 576 000 LUSO
  Required for Masternode: 30 000 LUSO
  Premine: 10 368 000 LUSO (1 year totals)
The first generated block will produce 10% of the production prevision until year 2025, this amount will be used to stamp this project on the world, using several strategies, for instance:
  - Pre-sale phase, holding for buy low, balancing possible inflations
  - Financing groups and independent communities in lusophonous countries
  - Creation of Contests and Rewards
  - Design, Marketing and Advertising
  - Infrastructure and Maintenance
    - Planning and Concept
     - Creation of team
     - New look for the wallet
     - Temporary page lusoco.in
     - Roadmap
     - Market Analysis
    - Block 0
     Q1 - Pre-sale
     Q1 - Airdrop
     Q1 - Bounties
     Q1 - Forum (forum.lusoco.in)
     Q1 - Explorer (explorer.lusoco.in)
     Q1 - Pool (pool.lusoco.in)
     Q1 - Redesign and Material creation for Marketing and public use
     Q1 - Web Wallet (wallet.lusoco.in)
     Q1 - Paper Wallet (wallet.lusoco.in)
     Q1 - Exchange Listing
     Q1 - Website
     Q2 - High volume Exchanges listing
     Q2 - Android Wallet
     Q2 - Telegram/Discord bot
     Q2 - Creation of contests for communitarian investment
     Q2 - Airdrop v2
     Q2 - Bounties v2
     Q3 - Geo Rewarding System v1.0
     Q3 - Autonomous Payment Hardware
     Q3 - Promote social independent projects
     Q4 - Adoption of the currency by communities and local merchants
* Note - This is the public list, our private list has some important steps that we may not disclosure until the step itself is already at motion.
Other utilities
Official Links
  Website: https://lusoco.in
  Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/LusoCoin
  Github: https://github.com/LusoDev/LusoCoin.git
  Discord: https://discord.gg/e8XqKys
  more soon...
Our first Bounties (189 000 LUSO) https://discord.gg/73pFJZ
[EN][3 000 LUSO] 5x Pool
 [PT][3 000 LUSO] 5x Pool (Lusophonous proven IP or .tld domain)
 [20 000 LUSO] 3x Low volume Exchanges
 [EN][1 000 LUSO] 5x Explorer
 [PT][1 000 LUSO] 5x Explorer (Lusophonous proven IP or .tld domain)
 [EN][Pool of 6 000 LUSO] Top 5 Social Media (Text, Photos, Animated GIFs)
 [PT][Pool of 6 000 LUSO] Top 5 Social Media (Text, Photos, Animated GIFs ...)
 [EN][Pool of 7 000 LUSO] Top 5 Articles (Blogs, News ...)
 [PT][Pool of 7 000 LUSO] Top 5 Articles (Blogs, News ...)
 [Pool of 2 000 LUSO] Top 5 ideas for LusoCoin
 [Pool of 1 000 LUSO] Top 5 next bounties you would like to see.
 [EN][10 000 LUSO] 3x Youtube references speaking about LusoCoin
 [PT][10 000 LUSO] 3x Youtube referencias a falar sobre a LusoCoin - 10 000 LUSO
*Note - The x's after number means the first ones producing evidence are the ones rewarded.
Contests (150 000 LUSO) https://discord.gg/j9m6kyY
 [30 000 LUSO] The best logo/lettering
  [30 000 LUSO] The best webdesign
  [30 000 LUSO] The best wallet design
  [30 000 LUSO] Video "What is LusoCoin?" & "O que é a LusoCoin?" (both en/pt)
*Note - Please don't waste your time making a final product, we are looking for the best PoC (Proof of Concept), you can make the final details after you are awarded.
      - The best work wins the prize and opportunity to work with us in the future.
      - The final prize is total of 30 000 LUSO, 20 000 when you start working, 10 000 more will be delivered after the work is done.
      - You'll be in touch with us, and you will receive a list of focal points to be considered.

       git clone https://github.com/LusoDev/lusocoin.git
        cd lusocoin; cat README.md
(Price table on discord, gradually increases for the late investors, expires at day 20 of March or reaching total)
Rewarding Schedule
 PoS: This system is disabled, will be used to promote temporary holdings in the future and to balance the circulation.
       [5 LUSO][March] 15 days
     [~30 LUSO][2018] 356 days
   [~25.5 LUSO][2019] 356 days (-15%)
     [~21 LUSO][2020] 356 days (-15%)
     Min: 5 LUSO
       [50%] 31 days
       [20%+1%] 356 days
       [20%+10%] 356 days
       [20%+20%] 356 days
       [20%+30%] 356 days
       Max: 60%
      - The return vs time is gradually changing from line to line, theres no condition for each year.