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    posted 08/28/2015 18:39:56 by glenglen

    Port 3350 for Vardiff (256-1M)
    Port 3450 for NiceHash (600K)

    Port 3550 for fixed 100000


    Shilling is a form of digital asset held electronically in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units and verify transfer of funds.

    It is a free open source peer-to-peer electronic cash system that is completely decentralized, without the need for a central authority or trusted third parties.


    * 50 SH per block (halving every 300000 blocks ~ 41.1Months)

    * Total of 30,000,000 million SH will be mined

    * Blocks Target Spacing  - 6.133mins

    * Difficulty Retargetting Algorithm - Kimoto Gravity Well

    *  Honeypot technique

    * No pre-mine

    * Super secure hashing

    * CPU / GPU mining

    Honeypot in a blockchain

    The honeypot system is entirely experimental and plays a lesser role in a tightly secured Blockchain.

    Source Code

    Windows Qt wallet

    Link behind Shillings' dev

    Mining Pool

    Solo Mining instructions

    * Launch your wallet with -gen=1, or add "gen=1" to your shilling.conf file, or type "setgenerate true -1" from the debug console