posted 04/17/2016 15:21:46 by glenglen

Port 3346 for Vardiff (1024-100000)
Port 3446 for NiceHash
Port 3546 Fixed Diff 100000


What is RajCoin? It's a new open-source project with very fast transactions. Blocks time is 1 minute which means faster transactions. As Satoshi pointed out and distributed the coin fairly by mining, there is 0 premine. So you can join the revolution right now and mine the coin. Right now, you can mine with build in CPU miner in windows wallet. As we mature we will announce about the future pool mining and other details.

RajCoin IS open source, and ANYONE is free to contribute to the project, please, join the team in GitHub!

Rajcoin was launched in the interest of fair distribution. There is no ICO, no pre-mine, and you can mine RajCoin on readily available conputer CPU which everyone should have if you are reading this.


Block Time: 1 minute
Block Reward: 100 RAJC
Total Coin Supply: 19921875  (~ 19 Mill)
Premine: No
ICO: Nope
RPC port: 6332

Windows Wallet
Download the Windows Executables from https://github.com/rajkthapa/RajCoin/releases/tag/v0.82
Once download, unzip it and launch rajcoin-qt.exe

Other's wallet will be build in future.

CPU mining can be done by inbuild CPU miner in wallet. Just open the executable. Go to Help -> Debug Window. Then click console Tab. Then type setgenerate true enter. It will start CPU miner. If you want  :)to use just one core type setgenerate true 1. The last number is number of core.

We would to to send the word out to social media, blogs, vlogs or any other media. So if interested let me know in message or in discord channel.

If you have any questions comments or what not just ask here in comments. I will try to answer best as I can.

I would like to make this project community focused so based on response from community. I would like to add things as we go.
Immidiate plans are websites, online wallets, iOS and android wallets. Then we will work on listing on exchange intigrating with online shopping and things like that.

Discord Channel:  https://discord.gg/pfJv53
Github: https://github.com/rajkthapa/RajCoin/
Website and Wallets: Coming soon.

Thank you