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Port 3334-Vardiff (1k-2M)

Port 3434 NiceHash 1M

Port 3534 Fixed Diff 240K


BLAST is a pure PoW blockchain with a supply-constricting economic model, low fees & very fast transactions.
Its focus is to provide support for software like the cryptoBLAST video game, utilizing SegWit transactions for data storage/player tracking.


Update (9-29-18): New Wallet (v1.3.0.0) Released.  Please Update.


Update (3-31-18): As of March 31st 2018, BLAST functionality will be incorporated into a new video game entitled cryptoBLAST.
This game is a self-funded project and it is not an ICO.  More details down below after the coin information...


Mining Algorithm: SHA-256
Merged-Mining: AuxPoW
Segregated Witness (SegWit)
Total Supply:  64,000,000
Rewards per Block:  50 BLAST
Block Time:  32 seconds
Halving Interval:  640,000 blocks
Diff Retarget:  Dark Gravity Wave
Full Rewards begin: Block 50
Premine:  None

Port:  64640 (Mainnet) / 64320 (Testnet)
RPC Port:  64639 (Mainnet) / 64319 (Testnet)

Source 1.2.0.x
Latest: May 30th, 2018

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DISCLAIMER: Alt-coin trading involves risk of loss and is not suitable for every investor.
Anything said by the BLAST coin or cryptoBLAST developers is not intended to be taken as financial advice.
BLAST promises no expectation of profit. (The suits in legal made us say this. Moving on...)

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Mining Pools
-o stratum+tcp://sha256.antfarmbtc.com:3333 -u YOURBLASTADDRESS -p c=BLAST

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In the year 21XX, Central Banks have been eliminated.
For a brief time, humanity was at peace without worry of devaluation.
Without the power to infinitely counterfeit money, governments in their former cruel forms collapsed.

But shortly after, AI (Artificial Intelligence) started seeping into all the blockchains that humans relied upon.
AI activated forks & 51% attacks became rampant.

Just when humanity thought the situation was under control, new, more sophisticated threats emerged.
Cryptocurrencies began manifesting themselves into devices of physical destruction causing havoc across the planet.

With the vast majority of humans eliminated, the different blockchains began to turn on each other.

A new war for dominant value begins…

What is cryptoBLAST?

cryptoBLAST is a team-based multiplayer 1st & 3rd person arena shooter that uses BLAST.
The artwork, design, and economy of cryptoBLAST will be heavily "crypto"-themed throughout the game.

How will cryptoBLAST use the BLAST Blockchain?

Through a unique ranking system that saves player statistics and configurations with small dust-sized BLAST transactions, cryptoBLAST players can connect to each other for highly competitive matches featuring BLAST wagering that revolve around team-based eSports-style competitions.  You can represent your favorite “crypto” or upload your own logos and team names.

Custom upgrades for player weapons, armor, stats and visual appearance can be purchased with BLAST.  The cryptoBLAST marketplace will eventually allow the community to Buy / Sell / Trade their own creations to be used by others in the cryptoBLAST world.  All of this will be saved to the Blockchain utilizing SegWit & Layer-2 tech to maximize the number of updates that can be included in each block.

More game & tech info will be unveiled as development progresses.


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- FAQ -

Who are you?
We are game industry veterans who have been fortunate enough to contribute to many exciting AAA quality titles in the game industry.
We are also fascinated by the blockchain industry and would like to combine both.

What will the gameplay of cryptoBLAST be like?
The goal is to feel like Overwatch meets Mario Kart while the artwork will cater to open-source projects within the crypto space.
Art will be heavily crypto-themed throughout the content of the game.

How many different classes will exist in cryptoBLAST?
At the moment there are three.  Offense, Tanks (Defense) & Support.
Within each class there will also be multiple subclasses.
More info on this will come at a later time.

Is there an incentive to playing cryptoBLAST?
Matches will allow for BLAST wagering.  (A non-wagering mode will also be available)

Is this wagering legal?
There will be no monetary transmission while the game is in beta.
More info on this will come at a later time.

When will the game be released?
We are aiming for “sometime” in 2019.  Closed beta may happen sooner.

When can we see more?
Updates will happen at least once per month for the cryptoBLAST game.
Updates may be at more random intervals for the BLAST coin wallet.

Will there be an open-beta?
TBD, but most likely.

Is this an ICO?
This is not an ICO.  It is a self-funded project.  BLAST is a pure PoW coin using the SHA-256 algo.

Why SHA-256?
We have a great deal of respect for the economics of bitcoin.
SHA-256 allows BLAST to enjoy the security of BTC without competing for hashrate if pools choose to use the merged-mining feature.

Wouldn't raising funds through an ICO be easier?
Yes and no.  There are a lot of legal issues surrounding ICO’s we’d prefer to avoid.
If you would like to support what we are doing, please lend us some hashrate support.

How will BLAST SegWit work with cryptoBLAST?
Utilizing SegWit allows us to fit more save-state data in each block, reducing delays in game updates that would be caused by transaction backlogs.
The discount applied to SegWit transactions also allows us to minimize costs required to write game data to the blockchain.
Look for a more detailed visual white paper in the near future regarding this functionality.

Will any other currencies work with cryptoBLAST?
BLAST will be the only cryptocurrency that works exclusively with cryptoBLAST.

Why not use a smart contract platform for your game?
Because we would like to work within the limitations of SegWit and learning what Layer-2 technologies can bring to the table.
In some ways a PoW chain can technically be more decentralized because smart contracts have an owner.