GCPOOL finally closed on 30th of Sept.2021
posted 09/13/2021 17:09:46 by glenglen

Hello fellow Miners of eMark(DEM) here on GCPOOL.

sadly i had to inform you that i will close my little Pool on the 30th of September 2021 forever.

The Journey started Mid 2013 till now , but for personal Reasons i will close the Door and move on to RealLife next Stage Experience :-)

It was a good and funny Time and lots of Discussion and personal Chats , i will miss that ...

So, please checkout your remaining Funds . after closing the Pool the Remaining Coins will go to the eMark Team for Markting etc ..

Pool Adress ( you can check in Explorer ) =


Please support the eMark on other Pools shown on :


Sincerly GCPOOL ( Glen )

have a good Time for all of You.

BYE ...

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Deutsche Emark ( DEM ) -SHA256-
posted 01/11/2015 18:18:24 by glenglen

Port 3333-Vardiff (512-2M)
Port 3433 NiceHash ( 1M )
Port 3533 Vardiff  ( 0.5M-5M )

v1.6.1 (10-2019) 

Deutsche elektronische Mark

The future of digital payment


Dear All,

this is our thread about the Deutsche eMark - an alternate Cryptocurrency!

These are the following advantages:

- SHA256D, Proof of Work (PoW) + Proof of Stake (PoS)
- 210 Million PoW-Coins
- 3.8% stake / annually - paid monthly (30 days)
- 50.00 DEM /block
- 2 minute block targets
- 100 blocks to coin maturation /allows in keeping jumpers rare
- TX-comment

Deutsche eMark Website:

German Forum:




Win/ Mac / Android / IOS  Wallet:
please download the newest Version from our website http://deutsche-emark.de/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Deutsche_eMark
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deutscheemark

You can support this support this project, if you have the knowledge in setting up an forum, community site, mining pool or put it on an exchange Wink
Also any ideas are welcome.